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About Prabu Videos

About Prabu Videos

What’s my style of photography?

It’s all about creating art even in the midst of chaos! 

A Wedding photographer and a naturalist, through my photographs, I have a habit of visualizing every happening beautifully, without missing the emotions and details of your happy days! An aced professional with over 20 years of solid experience, I’ve successfully surprised & caught instant emotions otherwise missed in the chaos. My business growth, repeated customers, and delighted clients testify success! In the long run, I want to create gorgeous photos that you can relive for years to come.

I started my career as an Assistant Cameraman with adeptness in wedding photography who is ready to cover your wedding in India, or anywhere else worldwide. A seasoned professional, who is attentive and respectful of minutest detail, I am also super fun to hang out with. My images are an intimate reflection of the most important day of your life that will stay with you forever.

Accepting sentiment and rituals with glee on my face, I take snaps that are otherwise uncaught! My dedicated long journey has taught me to respect formalities and rituals of all the religions, which give specialness to all precious movements in different community 

Exciting me the most is seeing a new and impacting photography in each and every frame. Unearthing the myriad dramas of life’s moments, with the pulse of human emotions is all I have to offer!

It is not an exaggeration to say that a classic tale of curiosity coupled with my genuine interest that leads me to a most cherished profession in my case. Today, my journey as an Assistant Cameraman certainly augments my photography, a photography that makes me ecstatic every day; letting me to weave dreams out of life’s real moments.

My candid wedding photographs are amazingly natural and spontaneous. Right from catching the glimpse of the wedding wows, and the smile of the birthday baby, to the blush of bride & groom, my eye for detail and an intuitive sense for color and beauty assists me to picture true life-like images!